Helping Your Bride Every Step Of The Way

How I wished I had a friend along with me, a kumare so to speak as I was sourcing and doing all the wedding planning. It would have been so nice to throw ideas around, source materials and giggle along the way. Girl bonding during this stage is part of the fun of planning a wedding, a female thing that guys never seem to get- gushing over cute ribbons and feathers.
This inspired me to put this principle at the center of my business. I would create a service that is both sincere and personal. I will not just help brides with their suppliers then send them along their merry ways. Instead, I will sincerely care about their needs and try my best to meet them. A happy bride equals a happy wedding after all.

I loved spending time with my current client Paula. We planned an entire day of sourcing materials for her wedding in Manila where you can get almost everything! We went first to Quiapo to get her confirmation certificate from the church. There we set off into the busy streets into the bowels of Jones bridge where they sell seashells, capiz handicrafts and sinamay bayongs. After this we went to Divisoria- the mecca of all things inexpensive and useful. From textile to turnovers, divisoria is a haven for bridal sourcing. We rushed through the busy streets of Ilaya with my bride in tow carrying yards of fabric and stopping for an occasional fishball and samalamig to soothe our shopping hunger pangs. As if this day wasn’t busy enough, we went to Dangwa- the famous flower market to source the flowers they will use for the wedding ceremony and reception. Lo and behold, we didn’t only book a florist in the best package possible, we got jars, various ornaments, ribbons- everything! It was truly a productive day.

I thank Paula for enduring the afternoon heat with me as we brave the bustling Manila streets that day. I am happy that my bride’s worries were put to rest as we checked every item on our checklist. As I looked at her serene face when she thanked me and we parted ways, I knew then that I was in the right venture. I will make all my brides smile this way, this is the start of something good.

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