Planning a wedding can be one of the hardest task you may ever undertake. It’s like trying to pull grace from chaos. Being a certified bridezilla myself, I spent many sleepless nights going over every detail of my own wedding. A year of planning paid off. How many brides can say that they actually enjoyed their own wedding? I DID!
I had loads of fun, cried happy tears and sang songs with my Coy till we got weak on the knees.

Amanda Tirol and her team who helped me orchestrate my vision for my Boracay wedding made it a whole lot easier. Our wedding was quirky, glamorous, entertaining, heart warming, off beat and pristine!

I wanted at that moment as I lay on my bed for the first time as Mrs. Placido, to help other brides stage that moment in their lives just as I did.
I want to share the joy of carefully managing your wedding to suit and reflect their personality- simply because I adore weddings and all the magic that goes with it.

I want to make that magic happen to you my dear bride.
Thanks for choosing weddings by TV.

We are committed to bring you the time of your life.


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