Make it your own: Wedding DIYs that work for the modern bride on a budget


Today’s couple is in constant search of crafty ideas to make their wedding stand out. It is refreshing to see all the members of the wedding party taking a more pro active approach in handling all the details of the wedding. Some make it a bonding experience for the entourage, challenging the bride’s maids to roll each piece of burlap into a rose for their own bouquet. This makes it even more memorable for all participants as they treat the event like their own by giving a meaningful contribution. The couple and the entourage are no longer spectators and attendees but event stylists and creative directors as well.

My friend is getting married soon and this burlap and lace theme she applied for her wedding is totally sweet and romantic, not to mention cost effective. It has the perfect mix of that rustic feel and elegance that totally fits the setting of their union and the vibe they are staging for their ceremony and reception. It is just one of the many things a couple should consider in creating an event. This once in a lifetime happening should demonstrate the couple’s personality and style. What better way to do it that making your own decors and favors. Cover your candles with the same materials that you will use for your tables, hand sew burlap fabric into a wedding pillow for your rings, print welcome letters and set them against lace and hang them everywhere- the possibilities are endless! All you need is to set your vision, create a wedding mood board for inspiration and you are all set for material sourcing and actual execution.

I also love the fact that the guests get to take home whatever they make. It is very liberating to get to bring home a souvenir you actually produced from materials provided by the couple. It stimulates the guests’creativity and gives them something to do while the couple is busy retouching and getting prepped for the reception. You can set up a crafts table for all guests and gift baskets made from green materials. Fill it with anything that coincides with your wedding theme and voila! instant wedding favors!

Divisoria is such a haven for such materials. I suggest a sourcing day for creative couples to visit Divi, Quiapo and Ongpin. Lots of ideas stem from these streets in Manila and all the best deals are made if you actually source the materials yourselves or with the help of your wedding coordinator. The uniqueness of hand crafted things brings a feeling of warmth to any wedding. Go and explore these suggestions, who knows, an artisan might be awoken inside you while you are organizing your own wedding.

DIY your wedding today!





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