Rock Out Your Wedding Day



If you are the kind of bride that gushed over Gwen Stefani’s dipped in pink wedding dress, blushed upon seeing Kate Moss’ frock as Vogue magazine took a photo of her laid back coolness as she said I do rock star style, then you are an off beat bride.

Rock and roll is more than a theme or an inspiration for that daring and fun couple, it is a lifestyle. A rock persona can easily transition into a wedding theme. Romance is much like a great song so why not rock it out?

Music is not the only element in a wedding that can be amplified by Rock and Roll. A creative couple will integrate this in all the details of the event. The only rule is that there are no rules.

I do believe all the parents reading this will up and protest but please do understand, that black wedding bouquet you are seeing does not mean we do not honor the sanctity of marriage. Modern brides are courageous and adventurous. Let them marry as they want. Rock and elegance can now blend well if all elements are put together right.

If you’d rather walk down the aisle to the tune of Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles instead of the traditional wedding march, this wedding theme is for you.

Most rockin’  brides try to steer clear of the white wedding dress and the classic white bouquet.

Select a wedding dress that will allow you to be mobile and comfortable. After all, a rock concert will definitely require participants to move. You can’t have a rock wedding without a grand musical number to close it right?

Ask your entourage to wear footwear that breaks the expected- sneakers and boots fit the bill.

Select a wedding ceremony venue that will be full of character and odd beauty. An old church dressed up with black and white lace, a basketball court turned into a concert hall, a garden with large paper mache icons of rock stars posing as pillars.

As for the wedding reception, keep it casual and inviting. Set up a music station where guests can pick up instruments they can actually play. Print out concert tickets as table assignments. Set up a booth for temporary tattoos- your guests will appreciate that they suddenly are also transformed into rock star looking VIPs because of this.

Instead of numbers for each table, name each one as music genres i.e. rock, rap, jazz, classical etc.

As for the giveaways, you can customize picks and put the couple’s monogram as wedding souvenirs.

Make cocktails in honor of the bride and groom and customize the beer labels according to theme.

Most importantly, a rock and roll themed wedding will not be complete without performers. These days it is not limited to just hiring a great band that will play during the cocktail hour. Hire fire dancers, a drum ensemble, face painters etc. The point is to have fun and create that music festival feel.


Having this rock them for your big day says you are fun and fearless.

A rock wedding  is not at all dark and gloomy, it is filled with music and bold colors.

Let’s get inspired, Rock your wedding out!


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