Best Wishes Nadia and Eduardo



I am so blessed to be able to do this for a living. Up to now, weddings still make me teary eyed and weak on the knees. Seeing couples begin their journey is truly a joy to witness.

I long to see the smiles on my client’s faces whenever we execute everything precisely the way they envisioned their wedding.

I am even more amazed as to how we also have that brief chance to be a part of their families, sharing with them every detail of this memory they are building.

Thank you Nadia for being my most diligent bride to date. My task as your coordinator was a breeze because you provided us with prompt and accurate responses every time we email or txt. I truly appreciate that.

Thank you Eduardo for loving Nadia so much, for always driving for her to our meetings and picking us up whenever we loose our way. Your calm collected demeanor made us all fall in-love with you, it no wonder why Nadia can’t stop smiling that day.

Thank you nanay Nida and Tatay Nick, Eduardo’s parents, all your relatives, all the performers and

dear friends for making us feel welcomed and appreciated

This is a treasured experience we will never forget.

Thank you to my team: Miss Tenten Abella, Miss Mercy Sumagaysay and Miss Carmen Laurencio for sharing the tasks with me and for being my sisters in crime. I value your friendship. More events for us in the coming months!

What a great day to wed!


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