Lloyd and Majic, 04-06-13



We grow up believing that if we play our cards right, a happy life will await us.
Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Thanks, John Lennon.
As I see it, this union has had it’s share of tribulations.
It makes that “I do” even more meaningful. Despite all the calculating schemes, they saw each other on both ends of the aisle and knew at once that the most important thing about all the hullabaloo is each other.

I have watched couples stumble into all sorts of ups and downs.
After all, planning a wedding is a gargantuan task. It will truly test the best of relationships. Call it trial by fire, Lloyd and Majic has been tried and tested when they took it upon themselves to plan such an event in 3 months. I proceeded being not just their coordinator. I became a guidance councilor, psychologist, mediator, peace maker, wonder woman. I’d like to think I became part of their lives for a brief moment. I could only hope that my emotional involvement in every wedding comes from a good place. I want them to have an ally in such trying times.

They came through, holding each other in warmth and love.
I am so privileged to witness such a feat.
Thank you for trusting me and my team to deliver the wedding of your dreams.

I wish the both of you all the best in life.
Cheers to Lloyd and Majic!

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