Clambake Wedding By the Beach


One of my best girls Marga got married recently in Laiya, Batangas. It was a picture perfect wedding of one of the most delightful girls I have ever come to know. We were all in tears as we saw how ethereal she looked walking down that isle all clad in lace and love.



All of us have dreamed of this day and it was utterly magical, just as Marga predicted. All that beauty did not mask how hard it is to mount a DIY wedding such as hers for I could see how worried she was during the prep. She was in rollers walking around the beach in her prep robe giving instructions to everyone. My team did as much as we could to ease the tension she was feeling. But brides like her, who is also an event guru by profession, would not allow even the most minute detail go unnoticed. The best I could muster was to assure her that we are on top of everything, worrying leads nowhere. Realistically, words fail in situations like these. A wedding is one of the most nerve racking events you will


ever get yourself into , but surely also one of the most treasured. So settling her down in her make up chair, we proceeded to take the stress off with laughter and hugs. Then


chaos ensues back on the floor and in the kitchen. It was a beautiful myriad of blow by blow duties, I was loving every minute of it.


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I was fortunate enough to be a part of the entourage, to host the wedding reception and to oversee the set up and kitchen service provided by my catering business, MyChef. I even acted as the DJ later on in the evening. It was quite a gargantuan task to juggle 4 hats at the same time but I welcomed the challenge with open arms because I was there not as a supplier but more importantly as Marga’s bestie.
The morning started out quite chaotic. I was awakened by my fag hag friends laughing their heads off as they are already clad in make up and eyelet at 8am! I drank my coffee so quick it burned my lips, rushed to the kitchen and started to cook my trademark sinigang na ulo ng salmon sa kamias at miso. The menu consisted of fresh seafood crated all the way from Marga’s ancestral abode in Mindoro. Ginataang pilipit na suso, grilled goodness from pork to fish, an entire sauce station, tinapa salsa on organic chips, fresh fruit juices… The works! All the table decorations and wedding freebies were made with pure love by Marga’s friends and relatives. It felt like a community project, a tapestry of collaborative efforts. Marga is a well loved person and the success of this event is a testimony to that fact. It was entirely personal, highly creative and fun fun fun!
Here are a few photos that can’t even begin to describe the magnificence of that wedding. Oh happy day!

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