Bound Together: A Literary Themed Union

17      The nature of romantic love lies with the imagination. When one is mysterious and begging to be explored, one is even more appealing.

      The two stages of romantic love: attraction and attachment.

      We might as well say that falling in love is like reading a book. You start out with the initial hook of the prologue (attraction), be flirted with the narrative to be ensnared and glued till the end unfolds the answer(attachment). It is the love of the chase that drives lovers to burst. It is in the mysticism of a book that haunts any romantic.

      It is no wonder why more and more  creative couples choose to have a literary themed wedding. There are so many elements we could play with and repurpose. Now get to the books and start reading.


          Of course we start with the basic elements: your color palette. Traditional hard bounds come in dark autumn type color schemes. From Burgundy to Navy to the Moss Greens.These colors are often institutional and may be quite stern looking. Most colorful covers came in the 60s and 70s but generally most vintage books carry a deep and rich tone to the cover. Keep in mind that even the age of the books, not just the color, play a big role in the character of the display element.  The thickness and dimension of the books must also be considered as we play with balance when we create center pieces. Most books are beautiful stacked together on their own. I think we could amp up the obvious by adding  more literary elements like a fountain pen, index cards as place cards and programs, book cut outs as table numbers and even a vintage type writer.

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We can punch in the literary element in all the other details of the design. Line your invites with newsprint, type library cards for guest to serve as their place cards, write the menu in an actual book.

Most recycled paper stores have pieces you can find useful in your decor. 22We can even make faux roses by hand crafting newsprint bouquets for the bride’s maids. We could also use a book to hold the ring pillow in by carving it out.23 The cake flowers could be even more detailed by mimicking the newsprint on the icing flowers.24

My affection for understated muted tones brings about a level of sophistication to this theme. It is capable of both being dramatic and nostalgic. With this feel we could summarize that a couple who chooses to incorporate this theme must find the old world charm of books beautiful.

I was so happy to find out that the couple that I pitched this idea to liked my concept. They met in school and are both book lovers. They appreciated the use of all the elements we mentioned and the play up on the literary theme. I t is such a thrill to work with creative couples. I learn more each day and it pushes me and my team to venture into new ideas in design and styling. Dan and Hyacith are college sweethearts tying the knot early in 2014. A friend recommended our services to them and after a fruitful preliminary meeting, here we are! I am so excited to work with them on this because most of the decor is DIY. I love to have pro active brides in my bride roster. I think if you crafted your design elements yourself, the meaning will be elevated and the memory quotient increased. Thank you for kind and happy clients! It makes our job a breeze. Here is the style peg for Dan and Hya.

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