Palanca Family Food Tasting Event at Casa Placido



Food is such a powerful tool to express love. Families that share a good meal together are one of the strongest units. There is something magical about great eats that solidifies familial ties. Being able to witness and be instrumental in the healing and positive powers of food is a blessing. That is why it is such a delight to cater for family events. I love being a part of celebrations like these because it brings us back to the mission and vision of our company. More than quantities and costing, our catering business aims to bring back the central intention of the food service industry: provide a venue for sharing.      We started out MyChef with the goal of bringing the appeal of home cooking to the professional level. Our kitchen becomes the laboratory of new ideas drawn from family recipes. We cook as a family in the hopes that the passion we put into preparing our offerings clearly translates into every bite. We welcome clients to dine with us with warmth because we treat them as one of our own. We transport them into a unique culinary experience by sharing our home and our expertise. All this with the attention and care that a family member should present. “Just like how Grandma used to make it” so our clients say- the food we serve is delectable and nostalgic.

The Palanca Family came to our test kitchen at Casa Placido and became our kin for the day. After initial talks with one of the members of their organizing committee, I instantly felt that MyChef and WTV are the perfect companies to execute such a vision. They share with us the same passion of making this endeavor a complete experience. They want their relatives to feel accommodated, to eat with their eyes and to be excited with the care that was put into every detail of the service. I myself attacked the design plan with enthusiasm knowing that creative clients with a sensible taste level would be working side by side with our team. It is such a boost to have accounts that challenge our creativity by allowing us to apply ourselves.

On the kitchen front, our chefs formulated a menu that is reminiscent of a typical Filipino family dinner. It is an event and there is nothing understated about it. Filipino cuisine is a hodgepodge of cultures, influences and techniques that often times people mistake it as simple and ordinary. It is no wonder why our neighboring Asian countries such as Thailand , Singapore and Vietnam hold a place in the world culinary scene but ours does not. Filipinos should take more pride in our culinary heritage by generating interest in indigenous ingredients and cooking methods. We used Cordillera bacon, etag for our stocks, herbs grown from our own garden, wild strawberry jam made by our executive’s chef grandmother from strawberries that grow wild in their Baguio home. In creating our viands, our chefs took it upon themselves to highlight and even uplift Filipino family meal staples and re invent them for the Palanca tasting menu. All these efforts aim to give clients a new take on what is familiar while still operating on the handle of the theme which is Modern Filipino.

I would like to thank the Palanca family for trusting our team with their event. We commit to total excellence and promise to deliver a level of sophistication that this account calls for. We are pooling all our talents together to execute their vision into tangible results. We strive to make this gathering echo in their memories simply by performing with care. This has become more than just an account to us, it is a chance to an instrument of joy.

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