Chelsea Jae Ngie’s 18th Birthday- Manila Hotel September 28, 2013


One of the hardest things ever to plan and organize is a debut. There is so much magic to be explored when it comes to presenting a young lady to society that takes this celebration into royal levels. I for one did not get to experience a formal event like this growing up. But now looking at the generation of families giving their young princesses a grand event, how I wish everyone can experience such glamour without costing an arm and a limb. This grandouse scene must be felt by all young women and must be handled tastefully by a competent event planner.

The Debutante is presented in the cotillion ball as the star of it’s galaxy. This one night when the attention is focused on her as she becomes a mature member of society. The first most important event in her life second only to her wedding day and the birth of her first born.

Once only thought to be reserved for the well off, these soirees stemmed from aristocratic roots where Debutantes may be recommended by a distinguished committee or sponsored by an established member of elite society. Nowadays, parents give their daughters an elaborate celebration complete with dance and songs numbers, ceremonials and speeches as a way of displaying affection and love to their most prized possession, their lovely flower of a daughter.

It is truly a full production project. A large pool of creatiuve minds must gather together to make it a success. I believe that if the event planner cares for more than prestige and elegance of this occasion and focus mainly on the Debutante, this will be a heartfelt experience. A debut must not only be about aestethic beauty, it is a tribute to ones family by way of continuing traditions. A debut is a daughter’s way of saying to her family that she is now a responsible, capable and  dependable young woman that will carry the family’s torch. To me it is an event filled with happiness and pride; pride for heritage and pride for familial love.

That cannot be even more true as with the case of our last client. The Ngie family trusted our company to make their 18-year-old’s birthday a wondrous spectacle. It is a bonus to have a persistent family that want only the best in every detail. It gave us a chance to stretch our limits when it comes to the execution of such inputs. Our brand of creative solutions played well with the client’s enthusiasm. It is an honor for our company to receive such trust from our accounts as they give us the room to maximize our competitive skill set. I personally made sure that this goes impeccably well. I handled this account and  invested not only time and effort but my heart. I wanted Chelsea to remember this night bearing the gifts of a huge body of collaborative work. I thank the Universe for giving us the strength and tenacity to organize this account. I also would like to give our sincerest gratitude to Ms Chona Ngie, Mr Wilson Gan and Miss Aileen Pangilinan for making our jobs a pleasure. Thank you for being so accommodating and understanding. The diligence you showed working with our team really helped us shape this event into fruition. Thank you also to Ms Celia Cunanan of the Social Connection for helping and guiding our team towards success, we could not have done this without your help on that day.

I close this entry with a smile. I know that a lot of young women there seeing this will sigh ohhs and ahhs and just leave these things to dreams. But companies like ours are dream makers. You too can feel a fairy tale in this life. Believe and trust that a night of magic can happen for you too.

Call us and we will arrange it!

Cheers to Chelsea’s awesome 18!

Credits to Mr. JR Salonga of Rule of Thirds for lending us these awesome photos and to Chelsea’s friend Marc Ching.

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