Janolo and Jaycie’s Big Day 11-30-13


An event planner is a creative solutions expert. It is through creative trouble shooting that we produce the best possible outcome for our clients.
Taking on the task of being the over-all project leader of an event is a mammoth endeavour. Every event we participate in brings about a different set of learnings that we mark our performance on. I try not to be so hard on myself and my staff as after all, it is a big thing to ask every member of my team to treat this account like it was their own. It is our personal commitment to make wedding dreams come true, in our own perfectly imperfect way.
I first met Jaycie at a bar in Ortigas and was immediately struck by how tall she was. I was pleasantly surprised as well to see that her humor and candor matched my sensibilities and we immediately clicked. Tenten and I kept on bothering her last august to sign with WTV so we can get things rolling. Who knew that this reluctant bride would be one of the most creative, industrious and proactive client ever? She wanted a DIY wedding, it was a DIY wedding she had. A very beautiful artisan type wedding of love.
Jaycie proceeded with us in booking all the suppliers. Carefully making each step in the prep with our guidance. Jaycie remembers all the details of her wedding, down to the last button, the last strip of paper and the last petal of her wedding garland. Jaycie spent tireless days and nights pouring all her energy in making paper flowers, buntings and garlands. She roams the streets of Binondo and Divisoria to search for cloth, paper, oversized measuring tape, doilies and the whole lot to complete a vision. I am inspired by her always, I want to equate each move my team makes to her bravado. I am blessed to be able to work with such a lovely person that I too upped my ante. I wanted to make her feel that I am as much into this as she is. I answer her inputs with enthusiasm and genuine support. There was even a moment there that we realized we were talking for hours on end over the phone regarding entrees in her reception. It was a very enjoyable experience for me and my team.

Anyway, here is the gallery of what has transpired during our last event. Mr and Mrs. Janolo Flores, We would like to extend our gratitude for trusting me and my team. We love you guys so much and we wish you all the happiness in this world. I am super grateful to have you as clients. I will treasure this experience and keep this bond that we have built in the process of creating this dream. Mabuhay ang pag-ibig ni J&J!

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