Allan and Danielle: One Love, One Heart 12-14-13


It was a typical working weekday for me. I was at an event for Dakila for our brown rice campaign at the PETA theater delivering flowers and décor for the event when out of nowhere came a frantic call from a bride-to-be. She introduced herself and quickly proceeded with her story. It is less than 3 months before her big day and still she has not settled all her wedding details. I placed myself in her position and found this feeling of sadness for a fellow modern bride. Her concept demanded a highly creative team, a dedicated skilled set of people to execute her wedding vision at a strict budget. No one dared to be bold enough to help her pull it all off till we came. So with closed eyes and a brave spirit, I said yes to her account and promised to give her what she has always been dreaming off- a beach reggae themed union with the love of her life. Saying yes to this client filled me with much anticipation as I recalled my very own beach wedding in Boracay. At the same time I was also pinched with dread not really knowing if my team can actually handle a big venue and an equally big entourage. But like they say, fortune favors the bold- WTV game in guns ablazing.

Granted that I did not foresee the distance we need to cover just to facilitate this, and the amount of man power required to set up everything, I drew my strength from my team that showed their support in return. There were only 10 of us handling this job. My 5 coordinators had to traverse the 3-mile long stretch of sand, surf and stilts many times over to make this beach front location wedding friendly. I was so tired at the end of the day that I slept still wearing the clothes I coordinated the wedding in.

It is also difficult to pool 16 sets of principal sponsors, 16 sets of secondary sponsors and the whole lot that came with the wedding party. I felt my knees shake at one point in the day as I remembered I failed to eat lunch amidst all the chaos that happened with problematic suppliers. It is my principle as an event specialist to make everything work despite these tumultuous circumstances. I demanded the best results from my employees and expected all my suppliers to answer to the client’s demands. Allan and Kate wanted this big day to shine and echo for eternity, it will take a fairy to make this happen. I dusted off my wings and set off to work.

My heart soared looking at how it all turned out later in the day. As the sun was setting in Calatagan and as I await for the wedding party to arrive, I felt peace in my heart knowing that another couple was cloaked in beauty and in happiness because of our collective efforts. I wish to thank the Magpali and Monsalud family for being kind and warm to all of us and for trusting our team. I will never forget how tight Kate held me as I left STILTS resort, she whispered “Ikaw na talaga girl, sobrang ganda. Maraming salamat sa lahat“. That was all the payback I needed, nothing can be sweeter than those words coming from the bride herself.

Another dream realized, another set of lives made prettier by WTV.

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