Mike and Melanie- Blushing with Love and Warmth


Mike and Melanie

I have been a lomo cam enthusiast for years. Me and my husband tinker with these toy cameras and bring them along every chance we get. I was fortunate to be a part of this camera club called LOMO Manila a few years back so we could further this hobby. Aside from having a venue to share my interest I have met quite a handful of creative individuals who in turn became good friends of ours. Having this common creative field with friends is such a blessing. This was put to the test when one of our friends decided to tap us to handle their very own wedding. I am so thrilled to have gotten the call as I know in my heart that Melai will be such a delight to work with. Creative brides really spark my left brained self. I am super happy that her vision was executed well.
Then came the sad news that we all had to bear. I thought that Mike and Melanie’s union would be put at risk because of the developments that happened but then again, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Mike found a way to salvage the financial situation and Melanie once again gave me that glorious phone call that the project was still a go. My team came in 3 months prior to the wedding day. All details were already attended to by the bride which made my task as an OTD coordinator such a breeze. Still, having this upper hand, I worked diligently in preparing Melai’s checklist so she is assured of a smooth flowing service and reception. Upon receipt of this checklist did she realize that she was still missing a few items she needed to cover- rescue happened instantaneously. We were able to catch up with all the prep duties and the final guest list was submitted just in time.
All her suppliers worked with us closely and I did not have any problems organizing their wedding because of this. I wish to thank Mike and Melanie’s families for being so loving towards these two. I really felt that a family can accomplish anything they wish if they handle everything together. They were pooling all their resources , each one pitching whatever they can to make this a success. Seeing that love happening before our eyes, we affirmed our commitment to them as well. I want them to remember this day, blushing in love and warmth even after years have passed when they recall everything that transpired.
I kept hearing guests gush over the styling details, asking for calling cards from my staff and ohhhing over each cute element they see. I always watch my events from my silent corner, holding my clipboard and employing my ever watchful eye. With this wedding, I became a part of the family almost, I was a participant and not just a mere spectator. More importantly, the trust the couple game me helped me do my job effectively- I felt that the post of project leader was 100% bestowed on me. This confidence boost helped me and my team bring our A game. Thanks again Mike and Melanie, it was indeed a pleasure serving you guys. I sincerely wish you all the best in life. You have proven to me that true and enduring love can withstand trials and tribulations. HAPPINESS FOREVER to you our bunnies! Kisses from WTV!

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