Real Couples, Real Happiness: Testimonial from Mrs. Jasmine Tanseco-Flores


After getting engaged, I honestly didn’t know what to do next. I am a corporate events planner – doing events since 2001, and thinking about my own wedding did not ever cross my mind. But one thing was for sure: my friends knew that I would be picky, and that I would definitely be a hands-on bride.

I met Tenten through a friend and she found out that I was recently engaged. She told me that she was part of a team called Weddings by TV. That was when I learned that the team was led by Tuesday Vargas. Ten mentioned that we could set a meeting to see what kind of requirements I’d have. I know I said yes, but really just brushed the idea aside since I really didn’t have time or didn’t want to think about it yet. Tuesday was a celebrity: I was sure she’ll charge gazillions — and that’s what I thought.

I finally met Tuesday at a bar in Ortigas that I used to frequent. We were both playing a gig at a friend’s exhibit, and that was the time when we discussed my engagement in passing. I didn’t have plans, I didn’t have a date. But I realized how serious she was with helping me when she contacted me soon after to get me started. She was the push I needed to get things done. It wasn’t that hard to be comfortable around Tuesday – she was very accommodating and she knew what she was doing. We’d throw ideas and mood boards at each other even late at night, and she’d reply, willingly giving her inputs. This was actually one of the things I admired about her: I knew how busy she was but she always replies.

WTV was also with me when I was looking for venues. Tuesday was very supportive and she really took time to accompany me in ocular trips, as well as acquire quotations from prospective venues. As soon as Janolo and I decided on the venue that fit our budget and requirements, Tuesday and I collaborated on how the layouts are to be planned and mounted.

Weddings by TV supported my decision to go DIY with some of my decors, and they were able to integrate my creations with the general design. I made paper flowers, buntings, paper cones, doily buntings – and they were also very helpful with sourcing items out for additional decors at cost. Their team also offered to customize some details and props that made our wedding decor very interesting. They have an in-house team that produces decors, which made the tracking of developments stress-free and easy.

For me, our wedding day was perfect — from the ceremony to the reception, the décor, the details, and the ambiance it exuded. Everyone kept saying that it was a beautiful wedding and that all the guests had so much fun. We knew it was true because we had fun ourselves! Our objective of making it laid back and warm was met, especially because of the team behind it. Weddings by TV offered more than a hand, and they definitely exceeded our expectations. They were there from start to finish.

For couples that are about to get married, choosing the wedding team is critical. They have to share your vision, know your limitations, and work around your budget. I am very glad to have been acquainted with the WTV team, and we will forever be thankful for their help and support during our wedding. We seriously couldn’t have pulled it off without them. While most suppliers seem they’re really after your money, these guys were a rare gem. WTV is very passionate with what they are doing. Seriously.

Janolo and I will forever be grateful to you guys. More power to WTV, and cheers to your successful upcoming projects and events!

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