Real Couples, Real Happiness: Testimonial from Mrs. Magpali

29We planned this wedding one year in advance in anticipation of everything that might go wrong. As it went, nobody can plan a wedding perfectly. Allan and I (Kate) are both working out of the country and to make matters worst, we are not working on the same country. Allan works in South Korea while I am working in Singapore.
Neither of us live in Batangas, but since we both love the beach, we decided that the wedding will be done in Calatagan, Batangas. We found the perfect venue in Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort and the nearby church, Sto. Domingo De Silos Church (which had a classy old looking feel to it). The church has its own florist which is very convenient for us during that time.

We opted to get the services of Juan Carlo the Caterer based on reviews and referrals. At the earlier stages of preparation, we were working it out just fine calling and e-mailing out our chosen wedding suppliers. Everyone was so helpful and so accommodating, the responses are prompt to every clarification.

As we near the wedding date, we both decided that someone should be in the Philippines to personally handle the wedding details. I went back to the Philippines on September 2013, just 3 months before the wedding date.

I prioritized the preparation of all the church related documents. Once I completed everything, I immediately went to Calatagan with my ever super supportive friends. We visited the church to submit the wedding documents and also finalize the details with their florist. During this time, the florist agreed with all the details that we talked about. I explained to the florist that our wedding has a Reggae Theme. We also visited the venue for some ocular inspection as well as to do wine and cocktail tasting. Everything was going smoothly as planned. Until I received a text message informing me that the florist has suddenly backed out because they felt they are not capable to follow our wedding motif. I felt really frustrated, depressed and nervous because it is only 3 months before the wedding. I immediately asked help to my friends for referrals for capable florist but it seems they are all booked.

I decided to search the net for blogs which may lead me to a capable florist. I stumbled upon the wedding blog of Ms. Tuesday Vargas who is managing Weddings By TV. We found that the wedding events handled by WTV had some distinct punches to it. We are hoping that WTV might be the answer we are praying for. I immediately contacted Ms. Tuesday and explained everything that happened. She was so accommodating and so helpful. Personally I felt that she really knows the current hole that were into. We were really surprised that she accommodated us and agreed to provide her services considering the urgency of our request.

We got a 2 in 1 deal (plus more) since we were looking for a florist and an on the day coordinator (OTD) only, both of which are services offered by WTV. I said plus more, because she did so much for our wedding. Not only did she provide the flowers and the OTD coordination, she also did styling of the wedding venue. Mind you, these additional things are already out of the contract.

Ms. Tuesday works hands on and she demanded perfection from her crew as well as the other service providers. The venue was perfect, it shouts the reggae theme we wanted. The Chill feel and good vibes matched the perfectly arranged beach resort for our big day. The venue grooved in reggae spirit as the band played reggae OPM covers to classic reggae music. Everyone was in beach party grooving eating, dancing and of course drinking. This is the wedding beach party that we dreamed of. The band was great, thanks to The Roochies and Mom’s Cake for continuously playing even under the rain!! Good vibes. Also to Ms. Tuesday for graciously jamming with the band in the tune of No Doubt’s Underneath It All which definitely brought the crowd into a dancing frenzy even under the rain.

We do not know how to say enough thank you to Ms. Tuesday and WTV team. If it wasn’t for WTV our dream wedding would not have come true. Thank you so much Ms. Tuesday and your WTV crew.

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