Paolo and Marites: Love at First Sight


Marites and Paolo have been together for ages.
It was a love drawn in the stars as Paolo confessed he fell in-love with Matos the moment he saw her.
From this bore the fruit that is Bene, their 9 year-old son.
Being young and in-love, they eloped and got married in a civil ceremony absent the presence of friends and love ones but not lacking in meaning and importance.

Still as years pass, Marites felt that it was time for them to profess their love to each other in the house of God, in front of the people they hold dear. Thus a church wedding was hatched in accordance to the dream wedding she had been brewing in her mind since she and Paolo met.
Weddings by TV came in the advent of all the planning.
They were disappointed by the first wedding coordinator they hired and Ms Marites came to me asking for my help as she wanted someone more hands on and proactive.
I welcomed the challenge as it seemed to me upon meeting her that their story deserves a fairy tale stroke to be told with sincerity. I knew that people will be inspired by the love they share and with our help, this warmth will be translated in every detail of their wedding.
Despite her busy schedule with being a working mom, managing a business and planning this momentous event, Matos tried her best to deliver every task at hand. With our guidance, we slowly made her wedding vision come to life. All suppliers were booked within a month, concerns were immediately addressed and my team drew up a design plan for both the church and the reception.

It was a very beautiful affair. All I asked was for their patience as I was really strict with the timeline we have set to a point where chaos almost ensued when problematic suppliers would not align. With my passion to do this right, it all turned out great in the end. My team worked tirelessly to mediate all ends of the production and pulled it off on time despite the delays caused by other factors earlier in the day. In the pictures, I see them all smiling having fulfilled this wish they had in their hearts for so long: to be married the way the Universe intended it. I was left smiling too knowing that we had a hand at this.

Thank you Paolo and Marites for choosing Weddings By TV to be a part of your most special day.
Cheers to happiness and lasting love!

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