Eugenel and Elaine: Summer Romance


“Be prepared to fly solo when you are going to marry a pilot”

These words beautifully uttered by the mother of the groom as she tearfully gave advise to her new daughter in-law.
The rasp in Tita Elena’s voice gave her away almost as if recalling the sacrifices she made grounded while the captain, Tito Eugenio, his better half flew for a living.

She said that Elaine had to be strong, and give her husband the support he needs as he is also minding so many responsibilities- keeping passengers safely flying our skies.

This is love. It is not all lined with rosy colored glass, often times love is a test of character. Listening to their story told by the people who know them most, I instantly recognize that this union was much awaited. And now, it has become one with reality. This is all because two people decided to make it work, for love is for the unafraid.

I appreciate the tender gesture, Eugenel gave Elaine as his mother spoke. It is like he is assuring his new bride that their love will carry them through the time and circumstances. I felt the magic in the air that day, a decade of love fulfilled by words of promise.
We had the most calm and collected bride ever. Glowing and basking in the care that our team designed to shower.
Elaine, you were a vision! Boys, our locker room secret is not a secret anymore. What happens in the groom’s suite goes on Instagram as you know! hahaha! Thank Sirs for the playful banter during prep.

Congrats again Eugenel and Elaine!
Thank you for making us a part of your decade of joy.
We wish you all the best as you soar together.


Special thanks to Juan Carlo the Caterer

Miss Nadine and Mr Ramon Bautista our hosts

Fernbrook Gardens


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