Harris and Adora’s Prenup Pictorial


I have always been a fan of love.

I cheer unions forged with time and nurtured with constant care.

Long distance relationships are also especially dear to my heart. Managing two people’s devotions is hard enough as it is, add to that

the agony of being away from your beloved.

I admire all those that endure such limitations and thrive only in the notion that

love places us closer in more ways than the physical alone.


Harris and Adora are living proof that true love exist beyond close corners. They are truly inspiring to watch.

They have not lost the thrill of seeing each others face, every moment they hold hands is like watching teenagers gush over a puppy love.

It quite refreshing to see such a seemingly innocent relationship unfold. You can see the connection between the two of them in slight nuances.

Never brash, always calm and sweet.

Thanks for letting me and my team be a part of this shoot.

I am happy I could help you capture your story book romance.


We are so excited for June 8. Many happy trails to you Harris and Adora.


Now we count the days till THE day…

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