Jezel and Christopher: The Sea of Love


Knowing someone well makes working for them a lot harder.
The beauty of working for friends though is that the communication lines between client and service provider becomes hyper charged and honest.
Honesty brings forth sincere workmanship and realistic demands.
Honesty also exudes love and care, a thing our client had for her friend.

When people we care for make their intentions known to us that they need our help for their events, we never say no.
I feel tasked to make their event extra special as my love must be projected in my output. I also want to attack each account on the professional level, friend or not, we will deliver with flying colors.

Yanyan is a part of my amazing Weddings by TV team.
She is very passionate and puts so much premium in her ethics.
I love her for that and I promised myself I’d repay her one day in some way for all the hard work she has put into our little company.
When she told me that she needed me to organize her best friend’s wedding, my instant reply was a resounding YES!

I love creating beautiful gatherings for friends and whoever’s special to me, their kin are not excluded from that love.
Thank you Yanyan for placing into our hands the outcome of Ms Jezel’s wedding and thank you Ms Jezel and Mr Christopher for believing in us and our capacities.

Here are some photos take from the Caritan-Banayag Nuptials last June 18, 2014.
This event was so creative and it was only mounted in 3 weeks! Talk about a flash job executed with excellence.

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