Love is Sweet: Harris and Adora


It goes around like a little bird.

A friend told a friend about us, the buzz feed that this wedding outfit that is relatively unknown can be hired to execute any whim of the client.
I think at times I am crazy enough to believe that I CAN achieve the impossible.
Crazy makes it work I say.


This is time it is different.
Adonis is a music fanatic and a supporter of local bands. He befriended us and took us into his turf at the posh DB bistro in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore every time we were there. A natural comic and a liver marinated in Negroni- Coy, Adonis and I became instant good friends from the get go.
When he told me that his sister is getting married, he expressed some of his difficulties in booking certain suppliers and executing the details of her wedding, I felt a tinge inside taht wanted to take over the project in its entirety.
Since both him and his sister were residing in Singapore and barely has time to accomplish what still needs to be done, again I volunteered and took that leap.
I was not sure if I could mount a big wedding such as this, and in Taal to boot.
But knowing that a friend needed me was all the reason I need to jump at the chance to stretch my team’s capacity to it’s fullest. So we began and called our phone meeting with Adora as Day 1. That was only 5 month ago.

I had to draw up a design plan, book all suppliers, organize a prenup shoot, Go to Taal to do my ocular inspection, make all the props by hand, order more design implements from various local suppliers, do two or three sourcing visits to Divi and Quiapo, conduct countless meetings with my staff, and fly to Singapore to meet with Adora- all in the span of 5 months.


Harris and Adora were the perfect clients. They listened to my every advise, sent me everything that I needed and trusted me with all the planning particulars. I thank them for their patience and kindness. Tears feel into my eyes seeing Adora walk down St. Martin De Tours. It was the culmination of all our hard work. The only payment we truly wanted was to bring a sincere smile into their faces. I am proud to say that the mission we set out for ourselves was realized.

Towards the end, my fingers were chapped, my back had this ache that never ceased from hours of tinkering with my computer for this project and I lost 7 pounds. My entire team worked without complaints. Thanks to their valued contribution, without which none of these would  be possible. I am blessed with such a talented pool of workers ready to submit themselves into unholy grueling hours of detail heavy tasks just to perfect my requirements. Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous.

All in the name of dedication and commitment, all in the name of love.

This is how we are.
We may not be doctors that help cure the sick, or engineers that build bridges and roads that connect people- we are artisans who help couples create their wedding dreams and make it tangible.
Our lives are forever intertwined with our clients’ as we treat them as family. More than a business legacy, I am trying to create a relationship with all my clients. Relationships that I hope would last.

Thank you Doc Harris and Adora. Your love inspires us everyday.

Love truly is the sweetest.

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