Love is All You Need: Paolo and Hanna


A wedding truly is a sign of success.
A community bearing witness to a union blessed by the church or a spiritual vessel creates a sense of validation for the two people deciding to make their lives one.
Social gatherings as festive and as elaborate as a wedding brings an affirmation.
There is a deeper sense that something right just transpired… and everyone is welcoming this reminder that love, not the food or the decorations or the garments and all that jazz, is ultimately what matters.

It is the union of not just families but the creation of one.

The blessing of unions approach a more magical sense because it creates the basis of our humanity-that which is to love and be loved.

But what goes on behind such lavish affairs? A cornucopia of flowers, candles, lace and twine? As spectators of such occasions we marvel at the beauty but fail to recognize the many details that make up a massive production. Yes ladies and gents, a production. Today’s bride bravely attempts to make her personality translate into her special day. She demands directors and artisans ably bodied to assist her on the many demands of planning her big day.

I believe it takes a determined and equally talented and dedicated person to pull such a glorious sight. It is an honor to be a part someone’s happiness. To be able to humbly suggest and be considered is a wonderful feeling.

Thank you to Paolo and Hanna for bestowing your trust upon our team. Your love for each other truly inspired us to work extra hard for you to ensure the event’s success. May you be blessed with peace in your lives and may you always find love in every day that you share together. Thank you for allowing us to witness your most gracious day filled wit hope and warmth. Cheers to the two of you and to Baby Matias too!

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