Princess for a Night: Thalia turns 18


Organizing events for a relative is tricky.
I am on double tap all the time, making sure that everything is of pristine quality. I do this not because I favor the positive response of my kin, but because I want my every account regardless of my social ties to it, to have the seal of quality that our company tries to maintain.

With such a small amount of time to prepare for my little cousin’s celebration, I have managed to deliver. My uncle ended up giving tips to everyone like a Don just because he was so pleased as to how it all turned out. That degree of compensation may it be a token or a fortune, reminded me that if we really do our job well, we will reap the benefits of our hard labor towards the end. It is not important if that translates into paid accounts, after all we are not always after the actual income but truly we are set to deliver satisfaction, what matters is that I treated this like any other event- with commitment and dedication.

To my cousin Thalia, I love yo dearly. May this event mark a new chapter in your life as you enter the adult world. May you grow up honoring your parents and living a full and happy existence. I may not have seen you grow up but knowing the loving hearts of Tito Ramon and Tita Haidee, I am sure they have raised you well. Cheers to you and your special day our little princess!

Thank you Emman Concepcion for Thalia’s Hair and Make Up
Tatah Galias for Thalia’s beautiful gowns
The staff and management of Great Eastern Hotel
Richshaw Event Management for our sounds and lights equipment
Nice Print Photography

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