The Honey Bunnies: Raj and Trina 12-29-14


Raj and Trina’s story have been written in the stars. Sweethearts since they were young, it is apparent that these two are indeed inseparable- distance and circumstances did not hinder them to hold on to their forever. Alas! The day they have been waiting for had finally arrived, they are now one.

As we listen to their friends and loved ones profess their testimonies for them during the banquet, we felt that their union with the blessing of the church only solidified the existing warmth they already shared. All the glamour of the occasion cannot outshine the fact that Raj, being the only boy in the family, has found his only one in Trina. We just placed a ring on a known fact, the sweetness of the honey bunnies proved worthy of blissful matrimony.

Cheers to you and your future.
It was a pleasure helping you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

We would like to thank our partner suppliers:

The Manila Peninsula
Ms Joy Lopez
Senior Events Manager, Sales and Marketing

Mr. Jasen Dimalanta

Mr. Ryan Ortega

Mr. Jason Magbanua

Ms. Maureen Disini
Bridal Gown Designer

Mr. Francis “Tatah” Galias
Suits and Gowns for the entourage

Ms. Jo Chan
HMUA for the bride

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