Franz and Joanne: No Matter Where You Are, I’ll Be There 02-07-15


Franz and Joanne both work and reside in Macau. They found out about our company through our various social media accounts and Joanne confessed that she instantly fell in-love with the work that we do. Though it did not make me alter my work performance by impressing her more, flattery is almost always a good sign. This tells us that our clients have a pretty good basis in booking us- they want to work along side our team for the success of their event because they believe in our work ethic. They proceeded in telling me that they have previously wed and that this celebration will be for their families to witness the love they have been sharing for years. I was deeply touched by their story and I promised them that even if they just signed for a limited amount of services, I will try my very best to answer their needs in EVERY aspect of production. I will deliver and I will not let them down. Hearing their satisfied almost shaky and tearful reply of approval is enough reason for me to be diligent.

That aside, I was amazed at how this long distance working relationship blossomed into something more as we progressed in our planning. Joanne’s sweet and innocent voice over our numerous viber calls eases the fact that we can only communicate in the wee hours of the night as she too is super busy with work commitments. My phone would ring just as I was about to sleep and lo and behold, it’s Ms Joanne! How can I say no to her?
A client needs me in her time of need. She needs me and my team’s efforts especially for concerns regarding a few problematic suppliers they have booked before hiring us. Remotely planning a huge event can be twice as challenging and I am super grateful to Franz and Joanne for trusting my team to plan everything here in the Philippines for them.I quickly dove into each concern like a mad woman. With a limited amount of time to execute each facet of planning, I also shocked myself that with devotion and sincere service, I have stretched my limits to accommodate whatever they may need.
I personally went to all their suppliers, signed their contracts and did more than the agreed number of meetings just to secure that everything is in place. Franz and Joanne arrived just a day before their wedding with nothing more to worry about but a few minor details. All thanks for the love and care shown by the collective effort of my amazing WTV staff.
Thank you Franz and Joanne for making us a part of your happiness. I treasure you both. May you live long and fulfilling lives in the arms of each other- never let each other go. Cheers to you!

Thank you to our partner suppliers:

Our event venue:

Josiah’s Catering

Ana Victorino

Entourage- Vatel Manila
Ceremony and Reception Styling by Weddings By TV

Photo and Video
Dream Mechanics Events Film

Our carpet supplier
Glam Lane

Our lawn chair supplier

Our sounds and Lights supplier

Pose and Print

Hearts and Bells

Our amazing dessert corner by
Jovan and Earnest of

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