RICHARD and IVANA: Bestest Ever After


I am an ugly crier. I cry at weddings all the time. Even if I have been doing this for years, my heart swells with joy seeing my couples as happy as they are during their big day.

I am grateful to be an instrument of happiness, that this endeavor I have chosen granted me the ability to have a hand at two people’s union- the bond most sacred and pure caled marriage.

To my dearest Richard and Ivana, Thank you for making us witnesses of your love for each other. This note I have received made me cry all over again. Thank you for appreciating all the hard work placed in creating the success of this day. But you know what? My best reward is seeing the two of you finally sating yes to each other and offering your commitment long after this day is through. I will always be your ate, and maybe someday, the ninang of your little ones.

Cheers to the bestest ever after!


Hi Ms. Tuesday and the whole WTV team!!!

Richard and I have been thinking for the right words to say before sending you our thank you message.
But, the thing is, THERE ARE NO WORDS TO SUFFICE how grateful we are to you and to your team for guiding, assisting, understanding, and helping us each step of the way.
Our HAPPINESS is BEYOND what we were expecting to the extent that if we are to relive every moment of our wedding day, we would still choose WTV because there can never be anyone or any team that we could have entrusted that day to.

Our hearts were crying out that day (and as I am writing this) because of OVERWHELMING JOY that you and your team had a GIGANTIC part of.

This message is still not enough to express every tiny little feeling that we’d like to tell you.
But I think it all boils down to this poem that I’ve made this morning:

You are and forever will be part of our #BestestEverAfter
A chapter in our lives that will end never
For you have made unending efforts
That words for expression are inexplicably short
So continue to spread love and gaiety
For there’s no team like Weddings By TV.

We love you from the bottom of not just our hearts and souls, but with every little nerve and muscle, too!

We’d also like to request for you to be the future godmother of our future first-born. haha

With all the love in the universe,
Richard and Ivana

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