Kenneth and Kristine: Our Couple From The North


This event slated in Dagupan tested our ability as a Manila based company to prove our effectivity despite performing so far from our home base. We have been planning this wedding with our clients, Kenneth and Kristine for a year now and all the toiling proved worthy of such a glorious occasion. I was truly blessed with the kindness of my client for they bestowed their full trust in me and my team to be able to materialize their wedding vision.

I selected a very dainty and sweet palette that suited the demeanor of my bride. She also has creamy white skin and pairing these tones accentuated her features. Thanks to the masterful hands of Tatah Galias, our gowns literally brought smiles into our bride’s maids’ faces as they had their formal pictorials. The colors bloomed into perfection. I also wanted to bring color into the other stark convention hall that is our venue and turned it into an inviting space suitable for a social gathering like this one. Together with Marga Florist which is a local draping and floral supplier, my team and I established the shabby chic vibe that the client was going for.

Ilokanos and Pangasinenses and generally people from the north are very discerning when it comes to the quality of the service you provide. I was so pleased that it satisfied their tastes and I even got several referrals during the event day making me think of opening up my wedding business connections here in the north. This should be the start of something great.

Thanks to our clients Kenneth and Kristine and their entire family, we were able to breeze through this account with minimal altercations that were no match for our determined will to make everything perfect. It is a beautiful collaborative effort made possible by genuine care and concerned displayed by everyone involved.

Than you once again for constantly inspiring us our dear clients.

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