A La Union Fairy Tale: Edelmar and Jessa’s Wedding



What better way to welcome 2016 than to marry the person you have always been in love with?

Edelmar and Jessa Cabellon grew up to be childhood sweethearts. Finally, on the 8th of January 2016, they were bound by their vows of a life committed to loving each other.

The couple wanted their wedding to be different, which was why we paid attention to details. For the bridal bouquet, we decided to arrange a cascading posy for her which happened to be perfect for the beach setting. The bride’s pink wedding dress was hand-painted by my good old friend Tatah Galias.

One highlight of the program was a wedding proposal made by one of the guests. Everyone was so delighted for the newlyweds and the newly-engaged couple, that the venue was brimming with warmth and happiness.

At the end, the groom’s band played with the best man and the entourage, concluding a night of merriment and love.




Venue: Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point, La Union

Photos: Jello Bangui, NicePrint/Exige Photography

Make up Artist: Katrina Rebecca Guzon

Host : Lexy Grey

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