Mary Jane and Rouelle: Destined Life Partners








There are those who find their one true love in unexpected circumstances.

They basically grew up together, Ajane and Roulle, yet they revolve in different circles. One got her heart broken one too many times, one was looking for love in the wrong places. They soon called each other friends, helping each other wield their way through life as companions with genuine care for ones daily trappings. Pretty soon, that compassion transformed into something warmer. People around them started to notice the glow in their eyes when they are in each other’s company. The bride’s sister recalls teasing them one afternoon saying “Ate, may gusto sa iyo si Kuya Rouelle” while the bride shrugs it off saying repeatedly that they are just friends. 

This is a very solid testament that love stems from a great friendship bond. Ajane and Rouelle will remain in love through time because they first learned to be mindful of the other’s needs through their friendship. We all felt their devotion to each other as they took on their first steps as husband and wife. Everyone who attended had nothing but high hopes for this union. We thank them for making us their partners in creating this event marking the new life they will share. Hearing them say that it was their dream come true made all the efforts seem like a world away. May you be blessed with a happy bond made even stronger as the years come.


Event Coordinator, Event Stylist- Weddings By TV

Florist- Weddings By TV, K By Cunanan

Venue- Notre Dame De Vie, Palazzo Verde Byzantine II

Caterer- K by Cunanana

Photographer and Videographer- NicePrint Photography

HMUA- MJ Nubla

Performer/Band- Infinite Soul

Sounds and Lights -Aljoe Mix

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