Pat G. and Ghia Unexpected Cool

When we first met Pat and Ghia, they were accompanied by Pat’s Mom scouting suppliers at a bridal fair. We all thought that we need to deal with a young couple who are closely monitored by parents who sometimes tend to be even more nervous than the ones getting wed. I am apprehensive at first and a bit intimidated but I figured, challenges come in different forms and I was not one to back down on anything placed in my way. 

How wrong was I? 

Tita Eg is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful mothers we have ever worked with! We even have our own viber thread! She is as cool as Pat and Ghia who at first seemed to be too busy to mind the details of their planning but turned out to be very in tune to all our suggestions. The tasks we set them out to do were accomplished, they worked well with all the supplies they selected, and in high pressure situations, Pat calmly says “Ok na yan Ms. Tuesday. It will all be good”. How cool was that? I was on panic mode and my groom is as light as a feather. It made my job a breeze. The day before the wedding, we saw the groom check into his prep hotel. I asked him “Sir ok ka na? Bukas na. We are here for you.”He just looked at me and honestly said “Hindi pa ako ok pero magiging.” It was the calm before the storm but somehow I knew, the next day will be such an affair to remember. And I was so right.

The big day came and everyone was all smiles. The program went on smoothly, the party was the craziest we’ve ever attended and Tita Eg was the most beautiful mother of the groom in an elegant Navy gown I have ever seen! In all the speeches of friends and family, they all said that they believe in the couple’s great love since day one so it is not surprising that their wedding day will be looked forward to by everyone. Its good to feel a little anxiety if something big is happening. Even if we are just coordinators of these life changing events, we feel the love surrounding not just our couples, but everyone involved. We turn this fear into something we could use. I looked my client in his eyes moments before his bride entered the church and said “I got this Sir. Do not worry.” I was also a bit scared but bless our hearts, the day was perfect.

So you see, first impressions don’t always amount to the correct and lasting ones. We started out as strangers but now we are blessed with clients who we are happy to call our friends from here on. Their families also embraced us, making us feel integral in their children’s happiness. Adding all these elements helped create one amazing day. Cheers to all the suppliers and friends who gathered their collective energy to assist our clients. Pat G. and Ghia’s most special day is a day to remember indeed!



Wedding Coordinators-Weddings By TV

Event Stylist- Weddings By TV, The Floral Pursuit

Prep Hotel- The Conrad Hotel

Ceremony- Sacred Heart of Jesus Muntinlupa

Reception- Blue Leaf Filipinas

Catering- Albergus

Photographer- Proud Rad

Videographer- Tree House Story

Wedding Gown- Rosenthal Tee

Suits- J.E. and Company

HMUA- Angie Gogna

Strings- Manila String Machine

Hosts- Boys Night Out



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